I’ve known Jimmy Graves most of my nearly 20 year coaching career. In a profession where you stress character, honesty, loyalty, commitment and determination, it has been truly an honor to get to know a man that fits that description. Jimmy is a true Coach in that he develops our young people as athletes and more importantly as people. He has a very strong knowledge base about the game of football and the organizational skills to prepare athletes for the next level. More importantly Jimmy has a passion for teaching young people and is an inspiration to me as a coach and a person.

Dennis Spring, Northwest University Assistant Coach

I have known Coach Graves for several years and I admire how much he truly cares about our young people. In coaching it’s not just about teaching a technique or doing different drills. Coach Graves is all about helping our youth strive for excellence with great character, love and determination! Anyone can try to coach for a short period of time. Coach Graves makes it his life’s work...

Taver Johnson, University of Arkansas Assistant Head Coach

I have known Jimmy Graves since 1999. I consider Jimmy to be a friend, confidant and colleague. As a former Division I athlete and the father of a Division 1 athlete, Jimmy knows his business. He is well connected in the professional, collegiate and high school ranks. He is enthusiastic and has a passion for young people and has a desire to develop young people into the best that they can be. If you want to be the best, train with the best. Jimmy Graves and Football Performance L.L.C. will help you reach the summit! It is a pleasure to recommend Jimmy Graves and Football Performance LLC. to you.

Steve Barrows, Hardin-Simmons University

Jimmy Graves is probably the single most influential coach in my life. It was at a camp that my son attended 10 years ago at Butler University. I began watching Jimmy interact and coach the kids and was just impressed and inspired by his enthusiasm. I began to say to myself, “This guy isn’t working he’s having fun! It was from that single moment that I began to pursue a coaching career. You won’t find a more passionate, fundamentally sound, precise coach as Jimmy Graves. I will forever be indebted to him for his influence in my life as a friend and mentor.

David Kenney, Indiana University Quality Control

I have known Jimmy Graves for 28 years going back to our playing days at Indiana University. The life lessons learned from the sport of football are valuable and endless. Developing character, working as a team, making a commitment, winning with humility and class, maintaining a positive attitude when dealing with setbacks, showing a strong work ethic, being a quality role model, integrity and responsibility are invaluable in the development of quality young people. These have been the core values I have seen in Coach Graves. He has truly been my mentor in the profession of coaching.

Steve Moorman Sr, Shortridge High School Head Coach

Just wanted to let you know Alex has made a good impression on the coaches with his performance. They have been very impressed with his arm strength and accuracy.

Armando M., Parent

I want you to know that we are very appreciative of you passing your opinion of Trevor on to the coaches. The IU coach and NIU coach mentioned your name to Trevor when they came to visit today. The Bowling Green coach came yesterday and mentioned your name as well. Obviously, people listen when you talk to them. Thank you for everything!

Vicky A., Parent

I was looking for the best……..I felt that Jimmy was the best fit, he’s more personable, bonds with the kids better and my son likes him and that’s a big deal because if the kids don’t like him they are not going to listen very well. Jimmy has made an OUTSTANDING adjustment in his game……

Billy I., Parent

This actually one of the 1st times ever that he has taken to something and fully enjoys what he does and how he does it and he looks forward to doing it each and everyday. I think that the bottom line with Coach Graves is that he tries to find what’s important in each kid and bring that out…….. the skill sets and others things that he develops with the kids are excellent and will allow them to do what they want to do in football and other sports.

Greg N., Parent

They thoroughly enjoy it and they are learning from Jimmy, they love the enthusiasm and they feel like they are growing with their football training. We REALLY enjoy it!

Julia V., Parent

I was just personally amazed, all the detail, the technique, the caring of the coach, I could tell he REALLY wanted Steven to have the best…….. We feel it is going to give him a tremendous, tremendous edge in this arena of football.

Steve C., Parent